Hi, I’m Sascha and I blog here about my problem solving and tinkering projects in the fields of wood, metal, plastics, electronics and IT. Regardless of whether it’s a more crafty project or a few lines of code, I like robust and “reasonable” solutions. Besides purely digital problem solving for e.g. Windows, Mac, TYPO3 and various server applications or niche applications, I especially like to have a satisfying and tangible result at the end of a project.
So I try to achieve semi-professional results in all handicraft projects with even a moderately equipped workshop or at least improvise wisely in this direction.

This blog evolved from small instructions and documentations I wrote for friends. I want to stay true to this starting point. Therefore I try to bring all descriptions to the point and to avoid for the implementation not necessary digressions. Feel free to use the projects presented here as inspiration for your own actions. However, please note that some of my solutions involve potentially dangerous machines, tools, substances or mains voltage. Please make sure you have appropriate protective equipment and basic expertise in the field before imitating them. I am not liable for any damages resulting from imitating the contents described here.