Install large screen on drywall

Mounting a very heavy monitor or TV to a drywall made of plasterboard is a challenge. In this particular case, a 55″ monitor was to be hung on a plasterboard wall. To do this, the load of the monitor was distributed over a larger area of the wall without increasing the distance between the monitor and the drywall too much. Secure attachment to the plasterboard wall was possible because the load, which results from the heavy weight of the monitor, was not only distributed over a larger area of the wall, but was also introduced directly into a profile in the wall. How this works is described here.

Finding Profiles in the wall

Drywall is usually constructed so that its interior consists of a stud frame made of profiles of metal or sometimes wood. Plasterboard is then screwed to this stud frame. To fix the screen, we take advantage of the higher load-bearing capacity of the stud frame. To do this, we use a Multiscanner to scan the wall for the profiles and mark any profiles found at the desired mounting position on the wall.

Prepare screen mount

Screen mounts usually have mounting holes positioned close together. It does not matter whether a fixed wall mount or one with a swivel arm is used. To better distribute the load and screw it directly into the profiles, a 22 mm plywood plate is cut to size just slightly smaller than the screen. Then the screen mount is mounted on the plate. To do this, machine the holes from the back with a countersink and screw the mount flush from the back of the plate using countersunk screws with a hexagon socket and machine thread.

Then drill the plywood panel: To do this, drill holes at the positions of the metal profiles and still distributed over a large area of the plywood. Transfer the holes for mounting in the sheetrock on the wall and drill here as well.

Mount screen mount on drywall

Insert tilting anchors / toggle-plugs into the holes in the plasterboard and, similar to a cable tie, push the mounting collar towards the anchor to fix it in place. Then cut off the protruding tape, position the plywood panel with the wall mount for the monitor and screw it in place with the panhead screws.

Then drill through plasterboard at the positions of the profiles in the wall. Lower the hole in the plywood board. Now use drywall screws with drill point (for metal profiles) to screw through the plywood panel directly into the profiles.

In the last step, hang the screen on the wall with the other half of the bracket previously mounted on the monitor.

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