Inaccessible Boot Device: Fix Windows Bluescreen

Windows Inaccessible Boot Device Bluescreen

Initial situation Windows 10 doesn’t boot anymore, a BSOD appears with the message ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’. Even booting in safe mode is no longer possible as a result. A repair installation with retention of all data and programs cannot be started, because the setup does not find a Windows installation, although the existing Windows partition … Read more

Transfer Windows to a new computer: From Legacy Boot (MBR) to GPT and UEFI

Initial Situation: An existing Windows 10 installation with programs and files should be transferred to a new computer without reinstallation and data loss. The old computer has a mechanical SATA HDD and started Windows via Master Boot Record (MBR). The new machine has an NVMe SSD and can only boot in UEFI mode, it does … Read more