Debian with Samba4 as Domain Controller for Windows Environment – Workshop

A domain controller significantly simplifies the administration effort even in small environments with only a few Windows computers and allows users to log on and access data across devices. Samba4 on Debian is an alternative to the classic Windows server with Active Directory role. Debian uses far fewer resources than Windows Server and certainly runs … Read more

Inaccessible Boot Device: Fix Windows Bluescreen

Windows Inaccessible Boot Device Bluescreen

Initial situation Windows 10 doesn’t boot anymore, a BSOD appears with the message ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’. Even booting in safe mode is no longer possible as a result. A repair installation with retention of all data and programs cannot be started, because the setup does not find a Windows installation, although the existing Windows partition … Read more

Transfer Windows to a new computer: From Legacy Boot (MBR) to GPT and UEFI

Initial Situation: An existing Windows 10 installation with programs and files should be transferred to a new computer without reinstallation and data loss. The old computer has a mechanical SATA HDD and started Windows via Master Boot Record (MBR). The new machine has an NVMe SSD and can only boot in UEFI mode, it does … Read more